The Difference Between IEM and Heritage Institute of Technology

The Difference Between IEM and Heritage Institute of Technology

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Students have been asking an important question, whether Heritage institute of technology is better than IEM? Heritage is better, there are reasons why. First Let’s have an understanding of the two institutions, and then the difference can be seen, which will explain the better one. According to some individuals, they consider IEM to be more of a school than a college, but it’s worse than a school, and here’s why. When going to receive classes or lectures, a person has to climb from the first floor of the building, to the ninth floor. This is a stressful task because you have to do it 3 times daily.

Although an elevator that’s capable of containing 14 people simultaneously is available in the building, you won’t be opportune to use it because, there are over 200 teachers, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th year undergraduates who are also eager to use it. Instead of waiting for others to use the elevator before you, especially in the morning and evening, you will have no other option but to use the stairs.

IEM doesn't have a fixed location

Another reason why IEM isn’t as good as Heritage institute of technology is that, different sections of first year undergraduates will be having classes in the same hall. A single subject can have 3 teachers, who will teach a class simultaneously. Instead of the pupils to be taught according to their various departments, IEM mixes those different departments and teaches them together, like section J, K, L, EC, etc, can be thought of in the same hall. What discourages most students from coming to IEM is the college’s canteen and eating centers. Sometimes the canteen will be on the first floor, tomorrow it’s on the second, the next day it’s on the 7th, that doesn’t make sense.

IEM doesn’t have a fixed location where students can go to buy food, they always have to move to different places just for food. Although the laboratories in IEM college are open 24 hours daily, it’s not bad, but it can’t be compared to Heritage institute of technology. When looking at IEM’s sporting facilities, a person will become discouraged, as the facilities are not enough to accommodate all the people in the college. You can only make it to the sports arena when you’re early, if you come late then there won’t be enough space for you. The extra-curricula activities include table tennis, chess, football, basketball, and other sports that can be played indoors.

The Difference Between IEM and Heritage Institute of Technology

Heritage institute of technology has better facilities than IEM, students even say that it’s the best campus in Kolkata. Instead of staying in a building with 9 floors having people of different departments, Heritage only dedicates one building for each department. Another good reason why Heritage is recommended is that, a student can receive classes with his classmates only, instead of sitting with hundreds of students who aren’t your classmates.

Finally, Heritage institute of technology has many elevators for people in the college, you don’t need to climb long stairs just to receive classes.