The Best Engineering Field

The Best Engineering Field

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This article will list all the branches of Engineering, explain them and pick out the best type of Engineering. The article will also give you reasons why that particular Engineering was chosen as the best out of all other branches. So be sure to read through this write-up to the end, so as to know the best branch of Engineering. Engineering has been addressed as one of the good courses for students of this days because of the kind of fund it is capable of bringing. Some parents of today wants their child to go into the Engineering field as a course so that he/she can be successful in life. The definition of Engineering will be explained below and some tools used by Engineers will also be listed below.

What is Engineering? Engineering is a

What is Engineering? Engineering is a branch of technology that deals with designs, structure of buildings and engines. It is a branch of technology that involves the use of machines, to complete a task. Engineering is the vocation of a person called an Engineer. Engineers work in a workshop, he/she sometimes completes a task that is outside the workshop. An Engineer wears an overall and uses machine to complete some task in the workshop. The tools used by Engineers are: (1) screwdriver (2) sledge hammer (3) chisel (4) safety gloves (5) safety boot (6) overall (7) hacksaw (8) spanner (9) file (10) computer etc. Currently there are four recognized types of Engineering and they include: (1) Chemical Engineering (2) Mechanical Engineering (3) Civil Engineering (4) Electrical Engineering.

Chemical Engineering is a branch of

Chemical Engineering is a branch of engineering that is concerned with design and the use of chemicals. It is a good course, but it is not really recognized by people. No one will bring things that uses chemical or plants that uses chemical, for you to operate on. It won’t be too good to study chemical engineering as a student in the university. For after studying, to get work might be difficult for you to find. You need to go for a course that will immediately fetch you work as soon as you are through with the higher institution, so let us remove chemical engineering from the list. The next we are going to look at will be Electrical Engineering, we are going to explain it below and check it out, if it is the best engineering.

The Best Engineering Field

Electrical Engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the designs and development of new electrical system . This type of Engineering is good, but it is not the best, for this days there aren’t much electrical work to do today. You need to go to the university and study what will fetch you work as soon as you are done with schooling. But sincerely speaking it is a vital field because we can’t do without electricity and electrical gadgets. The Next on the radar, which are the best is the Mechanical and Civil engineering, this article has chosen this two as the best because of the services it renders to the society.

Mechanical engineering is the best because it involves the creating of everyday needs.

People need electric generators, engines, steam, gas turbines and power using machines like refrigerator. This is an everyday need, this is why Mechanical engineering has been ranked as the best. Civil engineering is the best because from year to year there would always be building and construction. The civil Engineers offer huge services to the society, and that is why they are paid well. But we know that out of two best there is always a one standing. The overall best still remains the mechanical engineering.

Why mechanical engineering has been chosen as the overall best is that a civil engineer needs metals for construction, and some of his tools are made from metals like wheel barrow, sledge hammer, hoe etc. This article has been able to explain so far the best engineering, hope you found this article useful. Am looking forward to getting feed back from you soon . Make sure you take your time to read and understand this write-up then you can now be rest assured of the best type of engineering. Whoever reads through this write-up will definitely know the best engineering to go for. Thanks