Is Bangalore Institute of Technology Good or Bad?

Is Bangalore Institute of Technology Good or Bad?

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Bangalore institute of technology is a higher learning school that is found in Bangalore, it is attached to the Visvesvaraya Technological higher learning school and was started in the year 1978. The college is divided into six schools arts, commerce, management, science, law, and engineering. In addition, the college gives students 50 courses that include both diploma, post-graduate, and certificate studies. It is the first institute of higher learning to start higher teaching in computer science and engineering in Karnataka in addition the school has a chemistry lab that is known in Karnataka.

The library is made into three

The library is made into three places for students, the first floor has written books for students to read while the ground floor has computers for men to look for information. Two hundred people can use the library at once on the ground floor while the number increases when you go to the third floor where magazines are kept. Borrowing books is easy since the library uses a system that enables people to borrow books easily. 95% of pupils who study computers go on to have successful jobs at big computer companies because they are given good education on computers. There are six labs with computers that provide people there with enough study on how to deal with problems that are related to computers. WI-FI is available for everyone to use since it is free, it is strong making men save time when looking for learning materials from the internet.

Hostels are given to those who

Hostels are given to those who come from far, little money is needed to pay for them. All hostels are made with bathrooms and toilets in them making them good for men living in them. Female rooms are not on the campus, but busses are provided by the institute to pick them up from their hostels every morning, and they drop them off in the evening. Males have their hostels located in the institute where they get to enjoy things like free wi-fi and easy access to classes each day. Rules are put in place to control how boys relate with girls, those who go for more than just friendship are punished, this also controls the number of times females go to male rooms.

Is Bangalore Institute of Technology Good or Bad?

Sporting activities like swimming, gymnastics, archery, tennis, and kabaddi are given to people going to this school with the aim of giving pupils fun things to do. People schooling at Bangalore have good performance in sports because of improved equipment that promotes their good results. Those from Bangalore who take part in competitions are among the best with some like Miss Sushaka Pratap winning medals in the all-India higher learning schools competition.

The staff at Bangalore whether they are teaching or working at other places have good discipline, qualified, and are helpful. Teachers who each people at Bangalore are good with some of them having read to Ph.D. levels. This has made it easy for men schooling at Bangalore to have quality studies, in addition, research by pupils is made easy since they can use projects that their teachers have written. In addition, the staff that does not teach at Bangalore is nice, hardworking, and polite. They work hard in cleaning the environment at Bangalore making it clean for students to read in peace in addition, cooks provide those going to Bangalore with good meals which need little money to buy.

There several departments that educate pupils into successful men in society, the department of science has a good record for having men who are good at science. These departments are headed by Ph.D. Holders who use their experience and knowledge to run them. Religion is important for men to grow in life, every kind of religion is allowed here with religious leaders being provided for the ones schooling here to guide them spiritually. The institute provides both males and females with things like speakers which they need for their religious activities, busses are given to those who go to worship to other places outside the institute making movement easy for them.

A scholarship program has been started by Bangalore aiming to support clever children from poor families. The scholarship is awarded by the child’s performance and financial situation of the parents or guardian those who are successful in getting the scholarship are admitted to this institute where they study any course.